In Remembrance!

Today is a tough day for all of us, it’s been a whole year. Yes 1 year ago today you said your final goodbye to us. Whilst that goodbye has been hard and bitterly painful and felt so final it did not mean that you ceased to exist, not by a long shot, it took me a while to realise but you are always there! Often it’s the little things that bring you to my side, someone will comment that they like my handbag (it’s your brown one that I liked) or i’ll hear a song you once sang (of which there are so many), but whatever it is that brings you I have to stop and enjoy that moment with you fresh in my heart and memory, not that you are ever far from my thoughts just that in that moment you are right there in front of me like you never left with fresh lippy on and your big beautiful smile ready to share some wisdom, a memory or just a knowing look. It’s hard not having you here some times more than others but these moments make it easier for me to hold it together be strong and take the load of for someone else that loves you.

I did the race for life on the 3rd July in your name and raised nearly £500 for cancer research. I would never have had the strength and determination to do that before but I had to make you proud and I needed to do something positive in your memory.

So today your flame will light my day, your song will lift my heart and your smile will brighten my thoughts because I will celebrate your life and be strong for all of those who you loved so fiercely as today is a tough day for all of us.

Sandra forever and always in our thoughts and hearts.DSC_1239



Born 15th August 1960 and over the years became many things to many people, a daughter, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, friend, colleague, wife, aunt, mother, girlfriend, grandmother and more. Through all her relationships Sandra was kind, caring, compassionate and graceful always made time to listen and give her advice and opinion. She had been unwell for a little while and finally went to the doctors the diagnosis came back very quickly (week commencing 15th June 2015), it was Pancreatic Cancer which had spread to her Bowel, the doctors had a few ideas for treatment but the future did not look very bright. Sandra was taken from us on the 22nd July 2015. She was comfortable and with her dignity still holding strong when she passed, just the way she would have wanted it at home with many of her nearest and dearest close by. She managed to hold on and meet her first Grandchild born just a few short weeks before we had to say goodbye to Sandra. Sandra’s voice was legendary singing with the local church choir, a local light opera group and the Jane Lilley Singers (JLS). She also sang at many family events particularly weddings alongside the rest of the JLS, which included one of her sisters and a cousin. She is sadly missed and fondly remembered.Prof 86