Race Day

First sorry for not posting in a while its been a busy few week.

So tomorrow is race day. I have been walking like crazy and trying to stay on track with my healthy eating. A few little treats have snuck in there now and then but on the whole all has been good and i have lost a total on 1 stone and half a pound since signing up for the race for life (Dad you owe £29 plus the £50 for doing all 5k in sponsorship).

I have had lots of support while getting ready for the race from family and friends, they have encouraged me, sponsored me and checked up on me. I know it’s only 5k and for some that is nothing but for me that is a marathon. I have never done anything like this before and yes I am going to walk a lot of it but I am also going to run some of the way which will be a huge accomplishment for me as I don’t anywhere and am fairly sure i haven’t since I left school which was nearly 20 years ago.

I will make sure I get some photos tomorrow and when I post them I will also share the total raised as I have not had a chance to calculate the amount on the sponsorship form and add it to the just giving total.

There is still plenty of time to donate so please take a look at my just giving page if you would like to make a donation. Just Giving Page

So wish me luck for tomorrow, thanks for reading and thanks for your support.


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