In Remembrance!

Today is a tough day for all of us, it’s been a whole year. Yes 1 year ago today you said your final goodbye to us. Whilst that goodbye has been hard and bitterly painful and felt so final it did not mean that you ceased to exist, not by a long shot, it took me a while to realise but you are always there! Often it’s the little things that bring you to my side, someone will comment that they like my handbag (it’s your brown one that I liked) or i’ll hear a song you once sang (of which there are so many), but whatever it is that brings you I have to stop and enjoy that moment with you fresh in my heart and memory, not that you are ever far from my thoughts just that in that moment you are right there in front of me like you never left with fresh lippy on and your big beautiful smile ready to share some wisdom, a memory or just a knowing look. It’s hard not having you here some times more than others but these moments make it easier for me to hold it together be strong and take the load of for someone else that loves you.

I did the race for life on the 3rd July in your name and raised nearly £500 for cancer research. I would never have had the strength and determination to do that before but I had to make you proud and I needed to do something positive in your memory.

So today your flame will light my day, your song will lift my heart and your smile will brighten my thoughts because I will celebrate your life and be strong for all of those who you loved so fiercely as today is a tough day for all of us.

Sandra forever and always in our thoughts and hearts.DSC_1239


Race Day

First sorry for not posting in a while its been a busy few week.

So tomorrow is race day. I have been walking like crazy and trying to stay on track with my healthy eating. A few little treats have snuck in there now and then but on the whole all has been good and i have lost a total on 1 stone and half a pound since signing up for the race for life (Dad you owe £29 plus the £50 for doing all 5k in sponsorship).

I have had lots of support while getting ready for the race from family and friends, they have encouraged me, sponsored me and checked up on me. I know it’s only 5k and for some that is nothing but for me that is a marathon. I have never done anything like this before and yes I am going to walk a lot of it but I am also going to run some of the way which will be a huge accomplishment for me as I don’t anywhere and am fairly sure i haven’t since I left school which was nearly 20 years ago.

I will make sure I get some photos tomorrow and when I post them I will also share the total raised as I have not had a chance to calculate the amount on the sponsorship form and add it to the just giving total.

There is still plenty of time to donate so please take a look at my just giving page if you would like to make a donation. Just Giving Page

So wish me luck for tomorrow, thanks for reading and thanks for your support.