Progress, Stepping and Birthday Challenge

Its 10pm on the 19th April and I thought it was about time I gave you a progress report.

Weigh in at Slimming World is on a Thursday so last week the 14th April I weighed in and had lost another 2.5lb which means since signing up for Race for Life i have lost half a stone but even more excitingly I have lost an inch from each of the following areas; bust (yes this is a good thing, they need to be smaller), waist, bum and thighs! I am so pleased about this and it has spurred me on to work even harder.

April is a tough month in our house if you are trying to loose weight as there is a significant birthday almost every week; Hubby and Dad in week 1, my youngest in week 2, then me in week 3 (today), there are also several other birthdays we celebrate in April particularly children so lots of kids parties to attend which as you can imagine means there is plenty of cake and eating out so for me to have lost weight and inches throughout April utterly amazes me. I know I have worked hard at the walking and when not celebrating I have stuck to the Slimming World plan but I’ve never had this much success with the weight loss before. I think it has to be largely due to all the walking firstly and then being mostly sensible with my food.

I have walked more than ever before. Today I decided that I would aim to do 38,000 steps in honor of turning 38. I did it by 10pm no last minute panic, I did it comfortably and have time for a few more once this is written. 38,000 steps is roughly the equivilant to doing the 5k race for life 5 times, no I did not do all of that in one go, I did it in big chunks throughout the day but I’m fairly sure I did at least one full continuous 5K today.  I’m doing a team stepping challenge with lots of other Fitbit users this week and cannot let my team down which means I have to “step up” and do much much more moving than i normally do. 2 weeks ago my average step count was just over 14,000 now that average is just over 20,000 that’s a massive jump.

Walking is amazing and when you do it for fitness it really works! I encourage anyone to try it. If you are watching TV every time the adverts are on stand up and march at a nice steady pace. If your watching an hour long program with four 3 minute ad breaks that’s 12 minutes of exercise you would otherwise have not done. Depending on how quickly your able to walk that’s about a mile. Think how much more you could do if you where watching a film! You do that for a week and you will start to feel the benefit and you will want to do more, eventually you’ll find yourself walking during the program. Its addictive especially if you have some kind of fitness tracker so you can see how much you’ve done, you keep saying another 100 which turns into 200 and then before you know it, it’s 1000 then 2000.

Anyway I’m rambling now, time to step some more. Will update again next time i measure myself in a couple of weeks. Thanks for taking to time to read this long winded update! Good night x2016-04-19 21.43.53


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