My Plan

Diet – I am going to put more focus on what I am eating by keep a daily food diary and weigh in every week at slimming world. I need to reduce my portion sizes (I know in theory slimming world lets you eat as much of the healthy stuff as you want but I’m eating to much and that has to change) and I am going to try new foods.


Fitness – I think I could manage to walk the Race for Life or should I say crawl but I would probably be one of the last over the finish line. I need to do something about that. I have a Fitbit and have been using it and in the course of the day can manage about 12,000 steps without to much hardship but this is spread across the entire day, I can get on the Wii Fit and do half an hour of stepping without my chest burning but this is very low impact. I intend to walk most of the 5k in the Race for Life however I would love to be able to run the last little bit without killing myself. I am part of some fitbit groups on facebook and will be using them to challenge myself as much as possible.


I have worked out that 5k is between 6-7,000 steps depending on stride so at least once a week I am going to try and get that many steps done in one go (kids might struggle with this so may have to be at home once they are in bed as they only have little legs). I may also have to build up to this so watch this space.



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